Anyone using Houdini for asset creation? ..I have a very basic problem with materials


So I have a Houdini asset in unreal and I want to use the material shaders from Unreal on it. I have brought in the normals and basecolour (that latter i’m guesing I can use as material ID?).This is the current pipeline - Imgur: The magic of the Internet

But I can currently only apply 1 material to the whole thing, whereas I need 2. On the imgur it clearly shows the 2 colours that I want to allocate separate materials to, but I’ve not idea how to do it.

Any help would HUGELY appreciated!

If you will be able to find a solution, please let me know as well. Thanks in advance, I’ll be searching too.

Will do. I’m playing around with the asset properties, I have a feeling that modifying Existing Parameters may be where the answer lies, but not sure.

Hey. I’ve figured how to do that with a simple .fbx, but it should not be a huge trouble using that with .hda
Will dive into creating HDAs later this week, but if you can check it yourself and tell me if this works, that’d be great.

Basically, you have to assign different Materials within your geo to designated groups, and not colours. Gives you needed option to change different materials in UE4. See screenshots.
Cheers, friend. Let me know if that works for your .hda!

upd - tried it with HDA, get only 1 material output as well.