Anyone use the Raspberry Pi?

Hey, Anyone else out there enjoy using a Raspberry Pi? My parents gave me it for Christmas, and I’ve used it ever since.
Also if you use it what is you’re favorite OS? Mine is RISC right before Retropie! (Well I put Raspberrian on the same level because It and Retropie are the same.)
And what model or models do you own?

I just ordered an Arduino Uno, but nope, haven’t started working with the Pi yet. What do you use yours for? I’m in need of some project inspiration.

Arduino Uno eh? My cousin has one, I should ask him if I can borrow it.
I have the used the Pi for some retro gaming, Going to learn python, try C++ again, Just as a regular computer, also would like to buy a Arcade case and run MAME on it.
So much cool things you can do with it. But my most recent Endeavour has been playing Zx spectrum games on it. (Plus those Russian clones, they have some great games on them.)
I also plan in the future to try and emulate Windows 2.0 on it. Lets see how that works out!

I have the original model, running Raspberrian. Never could find a use for it though.

Well… I guess it’s time to find a use for it? Or just put it on your shelf and look at it.

I love how easy they are to manage!

I built a security cam with one, which records when movement is registered,
one is working as a wifi repeater on a camping ground where our smartphone’s antenna is too weak
and one is used as a retro-game platform and media server/receiver :slight_smile:

I have a total of 288 Raspberry PIs out in the field that are used in our Betting Shops to run our displays. All of them run a custom Raspbian distro with a Java Agent that allows me to control them remotely. All of this is custom built and developed by me and has made the operations of the displays in the branches run much more smoothly now.

This includes setting up things from the adverts to display to the actual display itself … I even have the ability to remotely control them to force reboots and updates. 8-}

Our PIs range from the older ones to the new PI 2’s and communicate to the software in the screenshot below using an ActiveMQ server. For April the ActiveMQ server has processed over 18 million heartbeat messages from all my PIs.


I personally don’t bet… But that is really cool!

Heheheheeh … I don’t bet or gamble either.

In South Africa all sports-books and casinos have signed up to an ethical gambling practice and push the toll free gambling helpline with all media and correspondence.

It is highly regulated here which is a very good thing. 8-}

That’s good that it is regulated. Were I live they would not allow that. Have a Good Day!

I found out that Raspberry Pi can run P4V server. What do you think ? Will it be usable (probably combined with some external HDD) as portable P4V server for unreal ?

Use mine everyday but with openelec kodi.

Will buy one soon. No ideas on projects so far tho

NOOO! NOT ROB! Just kidding… If you make one… Tell us! :slight_smile:

If you are like me. You will not regret buying one! (The Canadakit one’s are usally a good deal. Good quality too!)

I was wondering if a PI, probably better with a PI 2, to host Unreal Game Engine Dedicated server with a lot of players. (Pi2, 1GB ram with Quad instead of 512MB with 1 core)

I will try that for the game I am working on, instead of having PCs lying around to host server, that would be more practical to have a few raspberry pi2 for that purpose…

The other solution is the 9$ computer CHIP, quad with 1GB, but have bluetooth and wifi for less, the only bad thing so far about it is no HDMI (need extra 15$) and shipping is ridiculous, to much… CHIP - The World's First Nine Dollar Computer by Next Thing Co. — Kickstarter

Thay would be neat! I wish we could make games for it! (Get a PI 2.)

Yeah, like run the AI or collision portion of code on a seperate mini computer (Raspberry Pi or ODroid or Raspberry Pi Zero) that would be interesting and perhaps free up some system resources for physics calculations on the main game server.

Yeah, I tried both Vilros Raspberry Pi 2 and CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3, at moment the CanaKit is the best deal and the power supplies have noise filters so the audio is fine, the delivery was faster than expected.

Been doing alot of work here with small devices with the 4x ARMv8 Cortex-A53 processor 1.20GHz and previous ARMv7, so far it can power atleast 500 emulators and covers alot of older gaming hardware, hardware emulation, and custom hardware design and it has bluetooth and WIFI built in.

So speaking in terms of systems, any early computer, arcade, and console systems are supported and it can run various distributions of Linux operating system and Windows 10 Core.

It interfaces with alot of game controllers, especially USB.

I’m thinking the main usage could be for storing and processing game data and connection information for game match making and other game based data.

You don’t need to plug in a screen or USB devices as you can remote desktop or control via SSH and even do game streaming (Some programs requiring an NVIDIA video card supporting experience.), and the GPIO pins are great for custom interface projects or using existing arcade or console hardware or for creating custom arcade machine games and/or control panels.

What I’d like to see is Unreal Engine utilize access to the Video Core GPU and compile to Python or another script or executable form using existing and current device or game libraries to give compiled output support so games can be easier made for Linux and the platform so things remain lightweight and run on more devices without requiring bulkier systems with more hardware performance. (In other words, continued and further improved Linux platform support.)

I’m talking the smaller devices such as the Raspberry Pi with these type of processors and not just the bigger standard computer hardware.

That would be awesome and we’d most likely see a bunch more quality games on Linux, that might kick start the graphical improvements there in the area’s which have for so long been lacking.

Yeah, the canakit is the best choice for buying a raspberry right now.

So many emulators! So many emulators… :smiley:

I would love to see Unreal Engine do that to. Would open a whole new market for games really! :smiley: