Anyone tried a gearVR build using 4.7.5 with a SM-N910H International Note Model?

First of all I am aware that this device is not supported as per the list on the oculus website. I did however follow a guide that installs an older version of oculus home on my device which in turn lets me download and play gear vr games. I followed the twitch stream install instructions and got the first person example to work, but the problem is that the eyes are focused in an extreme cross-eyed /angled downward position. Adjusting the IPD with the wheel on the GearVR headset could not solve the issue. I dont necessarily expect an official answer due to the fact its an unsupported device at this time but since its so close to working, I was wondering if anyone else may have done something similar with successful adjustments. Also I was able to push a test using Unity but I’d prefer my UE4. Thanks for any help offered.

Have you updated your firmware to the latest 5.0.1? If not available in your region yet try one from a different region over odin from:

The latest 5.0.1 was required for my similar Exynos SM-N910C to work with UE4.7. However Oculus did add the SM-N910C to the supported versions at the same time … If that still does not work I wonder if it’s possible to flash to a different Exynos chip firmware like the SM-N910C ?

Thanks for the info, I have not tried that but I think I’ll give it a shot. Have never used odin and updated different region firmware before but I’ll give it a shot. I’ll make sure to backup prior of course and hopefully not brick the phone. Luckily its a R & D device anyhow but still I’d hate to damage it. Found a guide to help me out I’ll post back when it’s completed and let ya know how it went. Thanks again for the tip.

BIG THANKS aussieburger!!
I was unable to use a firmware from the N910C as I went for that one first since its on the supported list but it just kept failing in Odin, but the firmware for my model N910H (Napal Region is what I chose) that I grabbed worked! I had to re-install my UE4 test for it to work but its all good now. Thanks again and for anyone with the same model as I have take aussieburger’s advice with of course the whole we are not liable for damage if it occurs notice, flash the firmware along with an update to the gearvr setup wizard (if you previously installed the workaround version for a N910H model) and push your content to the device! Have fun all!