Anyone know of any Spider-verse style(ish) Post Process?

I’m looking for a post process that would make my environments look similar o the backgrounds in the Spider-verse movie. I seen something like that for blender but haven’t seen anything close to it for UE4. Anyone have any leads?

That’s overly complex and particular, you would have to break it down into specific elements that you want

the web like effect you get when zooming in is pretty cool. Aside from that, we don’t know what you are working with, so we can’t say “do this that and the other”.
if your base colors are white, you’ll have a hard time to get the scene to look more red with a post process, for instance.

What I’m referring to is the slight “comic book” feel that is overlaid atop the environments. Some cross hatching, a little bit pointilization, maybe a bit of implied cel shading but not enough to kill the original artwork. etc.

I’ve been able to get a sort general look with outlines, points, and cross hatching but it seems like its all or nothing. I really just want a slight hint of the post process overlaid, i still want to be able to see the original artwork underneath.

Is there like an alpha channel property that can be adjusted so that it only slightly applies to the image rather that all or nothing?

Right now i have this…

What I would like is something closer to this…

Here’s another comparison… Isn’t there just some sort of slider that allows you to just apply the post process only slightly or perhaps using a screen mode like scree, color, multiply, overlay etc. ?