anyone know of a good Vert blend with heightmap tutorial?

Im trying to build myself a master material. I’d like to add vert blending next. i found lots of stuff online, Tor Frick had the best solution i could find. that turial is really old though. i was hopiong someone has some links to a newer setup maybe? still kinda new to making materials in UDK so this is all new to me. really would appreciate some good info on this. i love the blending i’ve seen in cryengine, i know its just as doable in UDK, i just don tkno whow to set this up.


there is a material function that does this for you called Height Lerp.

Plug in vertex color as “Transition Phase” and then heightmap as “heightmap input” Then you use the “Contrast” output as an Alpha in the Linear Interpolate or matLayerblend node depending on what you use it for.