Anyone know how to make a real hologram and wanna share?

I don’t mean the sort of material easily found on youtube, I mean the sort I see in my money and printed into sheets, the old-fashioned sorta trippy 3d picture. Nothing I do is quite right, and doesn’t have that “holographic” feeling. Not vital for my project or anything, just something I’ve been working on in my spare time and suspect I need some advice with.

This sounds like a nice experimental project for me too, could you show screenshots or some visual representation of an “real” hologram you want to create?

I’d look at using render targets (there should be existing code support for diddling camera projection), and working from there.

Something like this, “old-school” stuff I grew up with is gettin hard to find these days


also has TONS of examples and might have given me the “correct” terms for what I’m after:

“holographic stereogram” seems to be a MUCH more scientifically exact way to describe the effect I’m after.

I’d start with parallax mapping, and work from there.