Anyone know how to apply "Separate Translucency Alpha" buff to "render target" or "SceneCapture2D".

Anyone know how/if possible to get the “Separate Translucency Alpha” buffer from a scene capture 2D onto a render target?

Just looking at it from from within the buffer visualizations in the viewport, it looks like exactly what I need, but I can’t seem to access it from within a post-processing material.

“SceneTexture:SeparateTranslucency” looks like it yields nothing (the tooltip even says “not yet supported”). I found a way to express it as “SceneTexture:PostProcessInput1”. so It has been confirmed that ‘SceneTexture:PostProcessInput1’ is applied to PostPorous Material and displayed on the screen. but it is not applied to “render target” and “SeceneCapture2D”.

Bump, same problem :confused: