Anyone know any good multiplayer tutorials?

Hey, so I am completely new to Unreal Engine 4 and have started creating a multiplayer sword fighting game. Anyone know of any good tutorials on YouTube on how to set up multiplayer, set up lobbies, adding friends, choosing and customizing characters in game and graphics options in game, a game menu, etc?

Any help would be appreciated!

Here is official UE4 learning playlist
Here is official UE4 tutorial about multiplayer

Thanks man!

C++ tutorial (non-official) I found useful:

It extends the official battery collector tutorial with network capabilities.

Here is a link to my tutorial series: Unreal Engine Multiplayer Tutorial Series Promo with Free Game Download - YouTube

I would really suggest, if you’re new, learning the very basics about replication first. Jumping in with lobbies, friends lists, menus, and so forth only makes the basics more difficult. A firm understanding of how unreal uses replication and RPC functions is a must.