Anyone have an idea why a chrome material might unchrome itself?

What it looks like

The material loaded onto the mesh

The material instance

The base material, maybe something to do with this material function?

The material function

Any ideas would be appreciated!

No, thats not it because taking a chrome material that is working and applying to this mesh also doesn’t work

The working material

Applied to the headlight

Also so not working

It will only look like chrome if you have a reflection capture in the level.

There are lots of reflection captures in the level. As I mentioned in the second post, replacing the non-working material with one that does work doesn’t change anything.

They have the lights blasted out to crazy units in the car configurator project (where this car came from) and there are some functions that control the lights in the BP. All of that has been disabled though, and even if the lights were too bright it actually looks like the default material so it appears like there is something else going on besides lighting or reflections.