anyone have an idea where the light is coming from?

where can I go to the error-Search. I don’t know where the light come from. (Red Area)
Its only one Light in the Scene abowe the crosshair and one DirectionalLightStationary in the middle of the Room. All on Standard settings.

Have you already rebuild your light + what happens when you delete the directional light? :slight_smile:

Yes i always refresh or rebuild my Light and i have delete the directional an turn off the shadows on the grids now are the problem area smaler :slight_smile:

What’s the lightmap resolution of the floor? I’m not seeing any shadows so that could be an issue.

It’s a Landscape with BSP under. Closed Box with Landscape in there and some Meshes and Lights.

Here a Picture, Can i see the LightmapRes of a Landscape where?


Ha i deleted the Landscape and placed a BSP Floor now the Light error are gone and Shadows Looks Better.
Mayby a Mesh are better for floor :slight_smile:

Thanks for Ideas, now i have changed the Static Lightning Res of the Landscape to 4 and it works to. :slight_smile: