Anyone get Steam/Valve Index Knuckles controllers working in UE4?

Other people have obviously solved this, so I need your experience, please.

I have Valve Index with the Knuckle controls.
Using the Supplied Sample Project, My HMD is fine, and smooth.
My hands are in the correct position in work space.
That’s where all the good stuff ends.

  1. Teleport does not work properly with the knuckle controls. The Arrow that tells you where you should be facing as you land, jumps back to the default whenever I release the teleport button. So I am always facing the same direction I came from, unless I physically rotate my body. This means I’m facing walls.

  2. there is no rotation with the right control Joystick, like in most games. It also is the teleport button, and is just as bad as the left.

  3. Grab does not work with the knuckle controls. No button work except the teleport.
    The hands do not even vibrate when near an object.

    I had to physically add the Grab controls using the Trigger under Project Settings> Input > Action Mappings
    Shouldn’t this already be included, since it’s a standard control, and a standard controller? The knuckles are very popular.

Still can not get the teleport to work properly.

Is there a simple fix to this?

A plugIn I didn’t activate?

Also, is there a list of all the buttons on the Knuckles controllers, for mapping in game?

A button Layout image?