Anyone creating / selling a Diablo-Clone blueprint?

I’m really having a lot of fun with the UE4 editor. I’ve spent the last several months working on maps for Unreal Tournament 4. They’re really starting to look good!

I’m pretty familiar with the mapping tools via UE4. However, I’m completely green when it comes to Blueprints / C++. I figured if I was able to work with pre-made blueprints, the learning process would go by much quicker.

Does anyone know if there are any basic Hack-N-Slash (Diablo Clone) templates in the works? I’d love to buy one.
Thank you.

I doubt anybody will create diablo clone template for marketplace. There are already modules that when put together could make such game. Catch is that even if you had them all, there would be some serious coding involved before everything could work together. Also unless you are looking for ready to use diablo template (together with menus spells, proceduraly generated levels, and all that) you will need to code anyway. There is just no escape from coding if you want to make game, you need to learn blueprints soon or later.

Saying that, there is top down template, which is great start for diablo. Then there are infinity blade assets for tiles, enemies, weapons. And “Dungeon Architect” plugin that can make procedural levels. Granted i knew what i was doing, but i could put it all together in one weekend (of which most time was making theme for dungeon architect).

So get dungeon architect, get those assets, and make testing level. Dungeon architect has example themes for infinity blade assets, and has nice documentation. When you are more familiar with blueprints there are packages for weapons inventory, spells, etc.

I write once more: i doubt anybody will make whole diablo game to sell on marketplace, it is a lot of work, and not many potential customers. Making bigger pack (like all that game functionality in one package) is lots of work and on top of that limits potential customers number, it is better to make few smaller modules that cover smaller aspects.

Thank you! I appreciate the response.

Not to mention having to provide support for a system like that could potentially be a nightmare if the customer has little to no experience with blueprints. I myself have made all but a spell system so far and even when I show my systems to friends in the community who know how to do blueprints, they still ask tons of questions. I completely agree with Nawrot, either building your own from scratch or slowly piecing existing systems together would be the best route

Yep, I’ll be working on Diablo Clone with my team next for My marketplace content after we are done with our game

Yeah, I figured that. I’m just looking for something to learn on. I’m not really looking to create a product to sell.

It depends. If you could state, what you actually want for systems or the scope of the diablo clone like template, there might be a way. Like Nawrot says, diablo is a hack & slash type and has a lot of systems in place to create the framework. To make a full fledged diablo clone template, the creator would need to create completely independent blueprints for several gameplay systems and tie them together to a parent blueprint, which can pass some information to the player and the game world.

What are you expecting from such a template?

If you’re just looking to learn blueprints, here are a bunch of little game templates you can check out: (no Diablo clone though.)

Also, have you tried looking at the marketplace?

I appreciate the replies. Been doing a lot since then have made all sorts of things from YouTube tutorials, e.g., menus, inventory systems, etc. It’s pretty addicting!