Anybody tried out any Automotive/ Car things in UE5? How to make Car Paint look as in UE4?

Hey, does anybody know how to fix this car Paint Material in UE5? Its Silver from the Automotive Car Paint Material. It Looks Nice but if you look at it backlit it looks like a Grey. Has anybody any idea why this Car Paint looks like this?

Another Question: Raytraced Translucency and Lumen doesnt work yet, right? Do you have any Idea how to get a nice Glass Material in UE5 with Lumen?

Is anybody here, who already tested out Car Visualisations in UE 5?

Thanks for any help or hint!!! :smiley:

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I have no idea how to do what your asking but how did you import the car paint into UE5, I can’t seem to do it :frowning:

Solution for that here

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Thankyou so much

Hi, I’m also just testing the automotive shaders in UE5.
I have a strange ‘AO like’ error happening. Here is a before (with the error) an after with the Direction Light (Sun) shadows disabled.
The car Geo is not Nanite enabled.
Anyone else seen this or know the solution?
Reflections and GI are set to Lumen.

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On the off chance that anyone is interested;
Turn off >
Project Settings > Hardware Raytracing > Ray Tracing Shadows
The strange edges to the car paint shader goes away.