Anybody here versed with HTC Vive development?

I am looking to alter the behavior of the “Overlay Menu”. Or the menu that opens up when you push the Menu button during or before gameplay. Is there anybody here who has any experience with HTC development?

I am playing with ViVe development. What a are you trying to specifically do?


I would like to simply modify the screen that the user sees when he/she presses the menu button. Currently it brings you into a VR Steam menu, but I would like it to just bring up a list of games that you can click and switch to.

The button that brings up the Steam VR interface is called the system button and I am pretty sure there currently is no way to remap the system button, since it is essential to SteamVR’s functionality. It might be possible using OpenVR instead of SteamVR, but I do not think OpenVR for the HTC Vive is supported in Unreal. You could instead use the actual menu button (the one above the touchpad). I think this is the Motion Controller Shoulder button in Unreal.

Just wondering if there was any progress made on this? I’m trying to do a similar thing. I’d like to make a custom VR game launcher for the Vive.