any way to get planar reflections on a pure black surface?

Is there any way to get reflections to show up without the surface the reflections are on being lit?
I am just trying to get the reflections of objects, I don’t want anything else.
See this:

I don’t want the white lighting from the floor, I just want the reflections

point the light at the cube from the cameras perspective to make the cube bright, that way it will reflect while the floor is dark. You could also just make the cube emissive :wink:

Just make black base color using default lit.Then you only get specular light like reflections.

Try Lighting Channels. For instance, leave the light and sphere/cube on the default channel, but uncheck it for the floor.

You can also lower the Attenuation Radius so the light only affects the sphere/cube. Not sure if what we’re seeing is a huge Source Radius from the light, but you most likely don’t need that especially if the sphere/cube is rough.

Wow, I’m surprised how many people missed the obvious answer here. If all you want is a reflection, set the Base Color AND Metallic to 1. This gives you a perfect mirror reflection and does not shade at all.

Same as mariomguy, you just need to put the Metallic to 1 in theory.

If you want to control the color and intensity of the reflection you can change the Base Color, but a perfect reflection always has 1 in metallic.

metalic = 1 doesnt give any reflection at all though for some reason. its just pure black.
ok nvm i had my diffuse on black still.
setting diffuse to white and metallic to 1 made it work perfectly :slight_smile: