Any way to get a custom projection matrix? (Specifically Beltrami-Klein projection)

I’m not opposed to modifying the code of the engine and recompiling if it needs to be done, just would like to know whether something like this is possible and how to go about it.

For reference: Beltrami–Klein model - Wikipedia

There is a Blueprint getter but no setter.


Here is also a broken documentation link for it.

I browsed the source a bit, and unfortunately, it does not look like there is a corresponding SetViewProjectionMatrix that can be exposed with a simple decorator.

Not sure if this can be helpful for you but I found this article a while ago while looking for 3d portals in UE4.
He discusses Projection Matrixes, but the implementation is done in c++, at least if you want a custom one.

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I know it’s not quite like modifying the camera projection directly, but if you are okay rendering through a render target you could use what is proposed here. Same idea as @enrico.lapponi’s, but more directly what you were asking for.

All these Scene Capture 2D methods are also accessible via Blueprint, which means you could make this happen without touching code.