Any way to control HMD render camera manually?

Greetings all,

Simply put, I want to execute “Reset Orientation and Position” of the HMD every tick, not only to Yaw but also Roll and Pitch. I want to lock the render camera so the movement of HMD doesn’t affect what the player sees at all.

I digged into the source a bit and feel like they really don’t want me to do this. Any ideas?
I realize you can just stick actors to player’s face but that would make things way more complicated.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Open up the blueprint which contains your camera. Select the camera component. Within there, you should find a checkbox called “Lock to HMD” and it is checked by default. If you uncheck that, you can manually control the camera position and orientation.

Thanks Slayemin. I tried and applying transform to camera actually works to some degree. As long as you apply any sort of transform, location only for example, the render camera would respect the pawn camera and follows it.
The problem is there is a weird (HMD)rotation induced location movement that I couldn’t get rid of. I’d appreciate it if anyone can shine some light on my confusing face :slight_smile: