Any way to attach component to skeletal mesh without using parent sockets?

I’m trying to have hair and facial hair for my player character, but when I attach them to the head bone parent socket, they move around and don’t actually stay properly attached to the head as they should whenever the player runs/walks and that makes it look really weird. Is there any way I can attach the meshes to the skeletal mesh of my character without using parent sockets? Any info is appreciated.

That just makes it stay in one place and not move with animations

you could parent it to the mesh then place it in the correct place.

hmmm yea i guess youd be right. if only the head moves then he might leave his stache behind

The problem may actually be in the way you attached them or in the actor/component which holds the hair. What are you using? Can you show how you are attaching them?

I actually fixed it by editing all my animations and making the head stable. The head rotating caused them to move out of place. The animations look a bit more stiff now, but it’s a good compromise for the ability to customize the hair. Thank you for the reply tho.

Happy you solved it. Anyway sockets are exactly for that purpose, so it should have worked regardless.