Any way to animate an object's (boat) position on the new Water body, while retaining buoyancy...this is for sequencer rendering

So I love the new ocean waterbody, and the control of adding pontoons to an object…This looks great in sequencer, but I really want to have the object, in my case a boat model, look like it is cutting through the ocean, and reacting to the waves as well…Is this possible, or am I getting ahead of the plug in with this request? So in summary, I’m hoping to animate the position of the boat, but also retain the buoyancy and the up and down rocking from the simulation as well. I’m guessing this isn’t possible…but thought I’d ask. :slight_smile:

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Bumping because would love to know this myself and the other topics on it also don’t seem to have got any replies. Also have a few texture animations I want to get working alongside buoyancy, but from what i can see Buoyancy just breaks this kind of thing and rules out being used in sequencer; unless somebody here can tell me otherwise? :slight_smile:

Go steal the mathematical formula that powers the waves of the ocean.

Then solove it for X/Y at GameTime.

Thats the height of the point at X/Y that you can directly apply to the object.

If you start needing to apply it to 2 points its probably best you look into the buoyancy system.
Otherwise you can do the math between the result of 2 points to get the rotation to apply to the boat, and set the height to the position of the point in the center done mathematically: (tallest - shortest).

Its important to note that a cinematic won’t apply physics unless you have PIE running.
So if you build things custom off the mathematical formula you could potentially have the boat update its position during the construction event or similar to prevent having to run pie…
Same for sequencer (is that still a thing? Isnt it take recorder now?).
Physics only apply when the world and gametime is running.