Any VR example project or Game Kit with a VR PICKUP GUN and attacking AI/NPC that is Killable?

I have spent hundreds of dollars on ‘Game Kits’ but it always proves impossible adapt ANY of the WEAPONS to be PICKUP-ABLE and FIRE-ABLE in VR / Nor have I EVER found an actual VR game kit or template that had anything other than 'Doors, Weapons, Candles, Lighters, Valves and Bow/Arrows, but NEVER an NPC and GUN with ‘damage and death’ setup etc…

As a professional Hollywood Character Animator for 25+ years I can make AMAZING STUFF if only i have a tiny bit of help or examples to reverse engineer! :)


For sure there are game kits for picking up items and game kits for shootable NPCs. You most likely will have to combine them by yourself. There can’t be a game kit for every possible game. If you’re not into programming, you should hire a programmer or learn it step by step with tutorials and books until you’re ready to combine your knowledge to implement your known ideas. Otherwise you will every time get to a point where there is no game kit specifically for your idea. Games are two things: design and programming, or creativity and logic. If you want to make a good game alone, you will have to be good at both topics - or let the logic part do someone other for you.

I don’t want ‘every possible game as a free template’ just a single example that incorporates the two most common VR game traits. (and after 4+ years of waiting, I finally asked!) :slight_smile: As I said, incorporating them IS the problem I’m consistently having, and since I learn best via a sort of, instant global macro understanding (that only arises out of reverse engineering a clear example); with endless new things to learn, I tend to put off ‘structural’ problems like this, until I can learn it in 5 minutes instead of 5 days or weeks of struggle and hair pulling with rote and ‘roundabout’ tutorials… I’m sure you can understand that… yes?

Perhaps it seems like ‘cheating’ to some? There’s industry then there’s artistry,. in neither do I understand talking any longer than necessary to learn something,.

perhaps because, I worked in Hollywood doing CGI for 25+ years (character animation) I tend to try to do things the fastest way I can by … industrial instinct.?

MAN, THIS IS HARD FOR ME,… Answers here more often than not, seem to be more intellectual sparring/insults and challenges than anything resembling freely shared information,. I ALWAYS feel i’m being attacked here, I usually get rude and defensive. So… I’m trying… other methods. BUT I will still be honest…

Your answer was far from charitable, certainly no help… Seemed more about something you needed, than anything about helping or my question…
I’ve been sharing info freely and for fun since the days of 3D Studio for DOS! Autodesk/Discreet/Autodesk users are like an extended family,. I never got or gave a lackluster 'R.T.F.M.'esque answer like above there.

No offense, I prefer honesty, I hope you do too.
Thank you for your time… … :wink:

I can understand your frustration with some of the answers you can get on this site. I have been using UE4 for about 5 years now and there are 2 different types of responses I usually get to a question here.

The first is an answer of some sort but they assume I have their level of Blueprint knowledge and there are so many missing steps that they think I will know so then I have to come back and say can you talk it through like I am 5 and explain it step by step. If I’m lucky I’ll get someone who will but a lot of the time you will get no answer or the second type of response which is,

You need to learn how to use Blueprints or watch a tutorial and so on. This is good advice for most people but what they don’t get is that there are some people like us who’s brains aren’t wired for programming even if it is visual scripting like blueprints. Luckily I stuck with it. I did watch the tutorials but I can safely say that when it comes to programing I learn and retain info about 20 times less than the average programmer. After 5 years I probably have the experience of someone who is using it for 6 months. There are a lot of things I can do on my own now but figuring out how to use things like booleans, variables, if statements, and so on was a really painful experience but one I’m glad I pushed through.

The sad truth is if you are going to stick with using UE4 you are not going to get someone that will walk you through your problems step by step without a lot of hard work on your part trying to decrypt their answer’s spending hours looking through the tutorial links they send you and a lot of the time they don’t even understand the problem you are having and give you the wrong answer or an answer to a different problem. In the past, I have lost it with some of the answers I have got but believe me that will not help you here and make some people less willing to help you.

To answer your question I have found this package on the Marketplace the most complete gun kit for VR

A word of warning though. The dev has mostly abandoned it so you won’t get any help from him if you have a problem. It says that it is compatible up to 4.20 but I am using it on 4.24 so I know it works on that. If you need help you might get some here Discord or if you search the page you might find that there is already an answer to your question. Good luck.