Any suggestions regarding a custom spot light shape?

Hi everyone! I have been familiarising myself with Unreal Engine for the past few months and have a query regarding spot lights. By default spotlights emit light from a single point as the source into a cone shape - is it possible to change this? Ideally, I would like to project light from a single point to a rectangle, much like a pyramid. Any advice or suggestions regarding methods to achieve the former would be much appreciated!


Im not complitely sure, but it looks like you asking about Light Functions

Hi Alexander, thanks for your reply!

I’ve looked at light functions before but they didn’t seem responsive enough to produce my intended output. Is this perhaps something that volumetric lighting could achieve?

I’ve just taken a look at your volumetric laser beam asset (looks awesome by the way) and essentially this is the kind of effect I wish to achieve but in a 2D space rather than a plane.

Hopefully that makes sense, if not I’ll be happy to do some doodles to help articulate myself better!

I doesnt work much with exp.fog and volumetric, but as i know currently volumetric lights are doesnt support light functions by default. So its no matter what shapes you light will project, the volumetric cone will always be the same cone shaped.

You can search on marketplace. Some people create volumetric worked with light functions but with a help of blueprints.

If i understand that correct, the way you can achieve some sort of volumetric-ish effects are simple faked god-rays effects like this:

That’s great Alexander, many thanks again for your help! I’ll look into both of these techniques and see if I can achieve the effect I am looking for.