Any special reason for this green screen?

I’m new on Unreal Engine and I created a third person example project to start exploring UE.

But everytime I open my project I got this green screen:

Any special reason for happening this? I tried uninstall UE and delete its folders and my project folders… I still have this problem after all.


Hello pedro.carneiro,

That is interesting. The only thing I can think of is that somehow your Lightmap Density preview is being called when you haven’t selected it. However, that usually reflects different colors not just green.

I have a bit more information that I would like to gather from you in order to better understand this issue.

1.) Does this happen in 4.8?
2.) Does this only happen with ThirdPersonExample?
3.) Can you link me a copy of your DxDiag?

After I have this information I will be able to narrow down this issue for you.


I updated my graphic card driver to the latest latest version and…voila! All seems to work pretty fine now…
Btw, it is an Intel HD Graphics i7 (620M).

Sorry for the mess and thanks for your support.

How to I update my graphics card. I don’t really have the money to and I can’t test what I have crated becuase it looks like I’m in the middle of a green nuclear fallout. Help

I’m not a questioner, but I have the same problem.
My problem was happen in 4.9 and 4.10.
It is happened not only ThirdPersonExample, but also others example.
Are there any problem in DirectX?

Hello Ayaki Takase,

pedro.carniero updated his graphics card and was able to resolved this issue.

1.) Can you link a screenshot of your screen turning green? Is it the same as pedro’s screenshot or is it only occurring on your mesh’s.
2.) Have you tried toggling the G key which will bring you in and out of game view?
3.) Can you link me a copy of your DxDiag? (Computer Specs)

You are saying this is not isolated to one project but to multiple projects and versions of the engine.

Have you tired uninstalling and reinstalling UE4 " and " the launcher.

After following all of these steps and troubleshoots I will continue to assist you further.

I have same problem in 4.5 or later on Windows 8.1 64bit. My graphics card only support DirectX 10 and OpenGL 2.1.

Hey Sky-seto,

UE4 uses Directx11. Directx11 is required software for running and developing with UE4.

“Show → All Show flags → Light Types → Sky light”
When I turned off it, this problem no longer occurs.