Any plans for auto waypoint generation during recast navmesh generation?

This is mostly a question for Epic’s AI team. I’m not sure of what to expect for the internal details for the hotspot manager nor the potential future waypoint graph.
I’m currently interested in tactical waypoints auto generated during the recast generation process and was wondering if Epic was planning on writing/integrating a similar system. Something along the lines of what Mikko gave a presentation on here.

(I mostly don’t want to waste my own dev time writing a mediocre solution if Epic is making formal one in the relatively near future.)

We currently have no such feature in our backlog, sorry. This is not a widely requested nor essential feature, and we have to be picky in terms where we invest our limited man power. However, if you needed help while implementing such a feature let us know, we’ll be happy to help!



Alright, figured as much. I’ll probably post a new question or follow up here when I get the time to really investigate the recast internals.