Any particle pack for 2D mobile game

Hi, i’m trying to make a classic style 2D side scrolling game for mobile, with orto. I’m at my first attempt on game development in Unreal after i tryied for a couple of weeks unity and i didn’t like it very much.

I’m not a 2D artist, so i’m looking on assets all around. I bought the 2D art pack of K4-manufacturing (to be sincere i bought it on unity, then, now that i switched, i imported the stuff), but i would also like to add some fancy particle effect to gve some more to the game, still remaining in simple stuff that a mobile phone can easily manage, any tips on where could i find some?

Thanks and sorry for my bad english

They got some cool particle effects coming up on the marketplace: Trello
Got to vote for them, which I have. And your side-scroller looks cool. And your English is pretty good too. Keep it up dude. (P.S. those particle effects are 3d, don’t know if you can modify into a 2d game.)

Thanks for the advice! i voted it too, but i’m pretty disappointed that there are NO 2D contents up fot voting :frowning:

To be sinceere, i’m also looking for other texture packs. These are pretty, but are few, and i need moooore to make something good… do you know maby some other packs, either for unreal or unity or just “as is”… for me it’s not a problem to edit in photoshop, but i simply can’t draw