Any news from Epic regarding Gameworks VR?

Nvidia announced today it new Gameworks VR API, and I was wondering if Epic could share some news on this. Which version could we expect to have this aPI intetgrated in the engine? Super excited with the new features and how much they are going to improve speed and latency in our VR games and experiences.

Anyone with info please give some hints here.

Hi, janherca!

Have you checked this topic, especially created for GameWorks VR](NVIDIA GameWorks Integration - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums)?

I’d love to know a little about Epic’s roadmap with this too, the VR aspect of GameWorks specifically announced on 5/31 to be “in the hands of” Epic. In particular this huge potential performance boost:

NVIDIA Multi-Res Shading (MRS) — An innovative new rendering technique for VR. With NVIDIA MRS, each part of an image is rendered at a resolution that better matches the pixel density of the final displayed VR image. This technology uses the multi-projection architecture of the GeForce GTX 980 Ti GPU to render multiple viewports in a single pass. The result: substantial performance improvements for VR games.

AnandTech has a great article on the tech here: NVIDIA Announces GameWorks VR Branding, Adds Multi-Res Shading – of note in that article, they seem to imply that this Multi-Res Shading (MRS) tech relies on Maxwell 2 features (GTX 980 and above), so most of us devs (and users) might not benefit at all.

The thread mentioned by RoadStar is a great read if you have the time (currently up to ~1600 posts), but covers the gamut of all the Gameworks APIs (VXGI, HairWorks, PhysX FleX fluids, etc), and primarily discusses Nvidia’s experimental fork of Unreal Engine incorporating GameWorks, not necessarily which of those features are/will be incorporated into Epic’s master branch.

I’m sure news will be forthcoming soon enough (it’s never soon enough :P)… I have no doubt Top Men (Nick Whiting et al) are working on it right now:

Yes, acatalept. Sorry RoadStar, but the link has nothing related to Gameworks “VR”, a new API not directly related to Gameworks except in the name. In fact, I think no one of the Gameworks features are suitable for VR, as they eat a lot of GPU resources and increase latency a lot.

So if anybody from Epic or whoever could offer some info it would be great, an this group of threads related to VR development will have the best visibility. Thnaks.