Any luck with Google Daydream Dev?

Hello, everyone.

Since purchasing my Pixel and Daydream View, I am amazed by how nice the Daydream experience is. I find myself using it more than my Vive!

I’m interested in developing for Daydream using Unreal Engine, but the instructions from both Google and Epic are horrific. Google glosses over so many details for adding a controller, it’s almost hilarious. Google also relies on Epic’s instructions as part of their own, and both seem to be out of date as of 4.14.

Has anyone had any luck pushing a Daydream build to their phone and running it? If so, can you share some coherent “Getting Started” instructions?


I managed to run a build on a Pixel. It took a looooooong time troubleshooting all the package failures I was getting (seems there are issues as well with some plug ins like the Substance one, and the Google VR one depending of what packaging options you chose…well it’s complicated but now I can help others if needed at least ;).

I also opened the VR exemple by Epic but the packaging fails as well and there are error on BPs so I’ll just try and use it next to start setting up a semblance of controls.

The thing that bothers me the most now, if that I haven’t found a way to preview the game from the Play in editor VR sim that now shows in the launch bar. Sure it displays on my monitor, but no luck making it appear on the actual phone + headset. It’s like the signal just doesn’T go though, and I haven’t found any hint at all on the internet…:frowning: so everytime I wanna test I have to package the whole thing. There has to be a way…if anyone actually know how to do that, it’d be quite the relief.

So bottom line, the main function of launching it as an app works, but you’re right in saying that Google totally relies on Unity and Unreal’s docs, which I followed and are ok for a quick start (although not up to date).

Still I find it pretty exciting and will continue to dig it up.

Please everyone vote for this issue: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-41051) to get the latest version of the google SDK ( ) in the stock build of the engine:

There are so many issues when trying to use the google branch of the engine - not to mention it’s impossible to use for those of use that have already upgrade to version 4.14+ of the engine :frowning:

So in short in regards to the original query: these instructions by google only work for the latest SDK which is only in the googlevr 4.13 branch of the engine:

All other docs are outdated and result in an unpublishable version of the daydream. Epic really need to get onto this before they can advertise daydream support in the engine.