Any ideas on how to grow trees?

Hi all.
I have a request on a scene that involves growing trees and I am out of ideas.

Have tried Speedtree Cinema, but the alemic files are so huge that they crash ue when I try to play them.

Anyone tried to create growing trees?

Yes, and many ideas.
The most practical one is morph targets and carefully controlled geometry.
You just have to tie the branch growth level to the visibility/masked opacity of the leaf material in BP.

If you only have one tree, you can play with a massive array and even remember the individual leaves and their state. This is probably not something you’d have the memory to do in a videogame though. Idk. Maybe write to file can help make that possible. Or a mysql database link up. Still a lot of overhead to check each leaf.

You probably should create a custom material or use Niagara for that…
“How”, I don’t know. Some shader guru or technical artist could give you a helping hand here ^^

[L-Systems are the 1st thing i think of.

Paul Ambrosiussen](Paul Ambrosiussen)

Thank you all for this, will post update when done :slight_smile: