Any Help on making a map-Based Game similar to darkest Hour and the Likes.. using a grid System?

As the title implies, my latest idea for a game has come to a screeching halt… as I do not know how to program tiles and such to be provinces and have certain values… also, i must be able to allow them to be editable by the player to create new continents and all, as I believe that to be the Ultimate political-Nation simulator, that is already in-Depth to a massive extent due to the fact that Not only vassals and puppet states being in existence, But substates and even Autonomous states within a country that may have some freedom from the core capital state… though it’s still the same country.

All i ask is for a possible coding structure that may allow this, In Unity 4’s engine, and as stated, to be editor-compatible to where a player can place sea provinces, change borders and such with at least decent ease… I hope this isn’t too much of a demand, for help that is. I decided to go here as it appears No-Body ever replies to my questions… sooooo helpful for someone trying to get an idea on how to program In high school to not humiliate himself in college… :confused: