Any good tutorials on Niagara Particle System in UE4/5?

Hey guys, I wanted to get some good tutorial on Niagara from basic concepts. I have done very basic effects like sparkles in Cascade but it seems that Cascade will no longer be official/supported in UE5, as it show legacy whenever I hover on cascade particle system. Even I cannot create a Cascade Particle System in UE5.

I have heard it is very good and better than cascade in many areas. So with my basic knowledge from cascade I want to learn it from very basic concepts with many examples. I have not found much great tutorials on YouTube.

Would like to know if you guys have any resources like books, videos, courses or tutorials, etc which you can share.

Thank You

Niagara has some templates you could dig through to learn it… I don’t know about tutorials though.

You can create Cascade particle systems by going to “Create Asset” → “Miscellaneous” → “Cascade Particle System (Legacy)”. But yeah, Niagara is much more powerful than Cascade and you should certainly migrate to it.


start with these:

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