Any good Niagara tutorials?

I have been trying to learn Niagara for the last few days and I just can’t wrap my head around it, even though I’m fairly good at BP. Maybe I’m just too stupid to understand it but any tutorial I came across either outdated or explains nothing.

Please don’t advice me to check CGHow, I have no idea what that guy talks about.

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I was about to say CGHow haha, the guy speaks ultra choppy but you get used to that. To be honest I tried finding a while ago, there is none but the official documentation so I read it all, it is not that bad

It is not that i cant understand his accent. His videos feels like overview more than tutorials.

I’ve been uneventfully searching for Niagara docs myself!
Having been through all the official docs, I hope that’s not considered a “Documentation Blitz”](

I was looking for an overview doc on the Niagara Module Script Editor Nodes in particular, as trying to infer what the nodes do and how they are connected by looking in existing modules and tooltip help only goes so far. An HLSL Cookbook would be handy as well as the Niagara Content Example on this left me wanting more… say for instance, how to use ternary or modulo operators to control particle emission based on Engine.Time

I was also surprised that there isn’t a top level Niagara Topic in this forum.