Any free Full Body VR Avatars solution?

any free Full Body VR Avatars solution?

Not free, but you can eventually test the demo and check if you like it.


This is a full body Motion Capture solution that also works as a full body VR setup.
It support body ( using Vive Trackers ) + face ( using iPhone ) + fingers ( using either Valve Knuckles or Noitom Hi5 ), and it comes with an “interactivity Map” which uses the Full Body VR setup and hand gestures support ( move, teleport, grab, pinch ).
As of now it support all characters based on the Epic standard skeletal hierarchy ( Mannequin and pretty much most of the characters on the marketplace ), I recently added MetaHuman support, and in the near future I’m planning to support different skeletal hierarchies, such as Daz3D, Mixamo, CAT ( 3ds ), HIK ( Maya ) and so on.

If you have any questions feel free to get in contact here, mail or Discord ( check the link for the discord server )