Any document or tutorial available for iAd/admob and In-App Purchase?

I want to implement ads and In-App Purchase for both android and ios. in UE 4.2 iAd/admob and In-App Purchase support given but i don’t know how to use. :frowning: and can i use this using blueprints.

Is there any document or tutorial available.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi vikas4goyal,

Take a look at the post below. You can find an example of iAd in action inside of Tappy Chicken.

I hope this helps, TJ

Thanks for quick reply.
I’ve looked through that project. I found EXPERIMENTAL Show Ad Banner in TappyChicken . but it say it is for iAD only. how can i show admob ads for android and what about In-App Purchase for both iPhone and android, is it supported or not.

The In-App Purchase system is still in development. You can expose it by changing a bit of code but its not yet available in Blueprints.

As for the admob function, I am checking on this and will post as soon as I have an answer.

Hi vikas4goyal,

I’m sorry it’s been awhile, but here is more info on admob if you haven’t figured it out already.

Thanks, TJ