Any devs here who had business with Amazon? I really need an advice.

Hello :slight_smile:

First of all, I need to say that I had business with Amazon as a developer myself, and it was really terrible experience. Recently I found myself in stalemate situation, and ran out of options to resolve the issue. Here’s what happened.

I created Amazon developer account about a year ago, and submitted my game. It had almost no sales as I expected, and even $100 I spent on advertizement in their system didn’t seem to have any results initially. But in the last months of 2017 situation suddely changed a bit. As a result, Amazon sent me two cheks. The revenue wasn’t serious of course, both checks were less than $130, but it was at least something. But then something completely unexpected happened. No bank or online service accepted the cheks. I’ve spent several weeks searching. Everyone refused to work with checks, even services that said otherwise on their websites.

Now to the most interesting part. Amazon can only send revenue to my country via checks, and it appears that the trouble about checks in my country started back in 2016. Amazon had to know about all of this, but they allowed me to create developer account, submit paid game, and spend $100 on its advertizement. Now their support just replies me with quotes from their FAQs, when I’m asking them for help. So eventually I’ve decided to remove my game from their store and cancel the developer account. However, I have no idea of how can I get my earned money. This looks really funny - Amazon earned money selling game I created 14 months, and I’ve got nothing in return from the Amazon. Checks will expire, so they will just get everything. As a foreigner, I cannot do anything about it, and looks like they knew all of this from the beginning.

Does anyone have any advice for me? Currently I see only one option - let it go, and never ever have business with Amazon again.

Thanks in advance.

Amazon shouldve sent you a foreign currency draft. I’ve never heard of Amazon sending a foreigner an American bank check. Unless it’s some kind of scammer. Try your amazon account, and re submit, or contact the customer service about payments.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Amazon has several payment options, but only one is available in my country - checks. They really send checks via the old school mail. I don’t know why. Steam simply sends revenue to my bank account, bundle websites use PayPal for this, but somehow Amazon prefers paper checks that are common only in United States, as far as I know. When I asked support if they could use PayPal in my case, they replied with a quote from payment methods FAQ. And Wells Fargo Bank through which Amazon sent me the checks prefers just to ignore my question.