any C++ *EditorSourceCodeAccess working plugin for Linux?


I am unable to use C++ with my projects in Unreal Editor on Linux. I tried SensibleEditorSourceCodeAccess plugin, as suggested in wiki, but it does not compile (outdated?). When I put it in Plugins/Developer I am unable to “make UE4Editor” at all.

Is there ANY maintained C++ editor plugin for Linux? Or a maintained template plugins so I can write my own?

Andrzej Skalski

You can try iFire’s QtCreatorSourceCodeAccess at GitHub - fire/QtCreatorSourceCodeAccess

These doesn’t works for me, i’m triying now use CodeLite.

As I mentioned in the others posts. If you use 4.9.x and you compiled the editor successfully the codelite accessor should work. To make sure it works go the plugins menu in the UE4Editor and look if the plugin is activated. after that you have to select the source code accessor for you project.
The default accessor is a nullaccessor so change that. Open the file Engine/Config/Linux/LinuxEngine.ini and add this (or modify the one which exists):


And/or make sure that you selected the accessor in the UE4Editor. Open the editor settings menu and go to the SourceCode section. There you can select the accessor.

Thanks man!!! This works, ■■■ tessekur ederim :smiley: Ama, QtCreator calisma. I prefer use this because i couldn’t do work QtCreatorl

Will be better put this in the docs, you now, for possible problems.