Any Android apps to aid in photogrammetry? What apps do you use for Game Development?

I’ll be hiking around Mt. Rainier the next few days and was hoping to try my hand at photogrammetric asset creation. I don’t really care for the downscaled meshes that 123D Catch offers, so I was planning to take some photos on my Galaxy S5 while on the trail, then reconstruct them later with Photoscan. Are there any camera apps that might aid this process? I was thinking even something like an inverted Photosphere mode might be enough to do what I’m looking for- some on screen guides to help me cover all of the angles.

Does anyone know of an app that might fulfill my needs? Or, as a more generalized question, are there any apps you might recommend for game development?

I don’t think there’s anything really that’s going to help when taking photos with a phone, if you want good results use a DSLR.

I’m more of a designer than artist, so I’m not really expecting Kite demo level results- I’m just looking to get my feet wet; a DSLR would be nice but I don’t think I can justify the expense given my limited opportunities to really take advantage of it. This was the main reason I was hoping someone might know of an app to suit my needs.