Antialiasing is terrible

Hello :slight_smile:

I want to apply antialiasing to project but I really don’t know what to do.

If I choose Temporaly AA, edges are smooth but everything is blurry.
If I choose FXAA, antialiasing is really, really low.

I have all engine scalability on maximum.

Can someone explain me how to make it more smooth and without blur? Thanks for future answers

FXAA: Screenshot_12.png Temporaly AAScreenshot_13.png

Low resolution scale?

I have resolution scale on 100% too

Its a well known fact that AA is bad in ue4.
I can 100% confirm your issues.
We are waiting since a while now for a new AA and i think it will come in 4.12

Strange. The only conditions when I can reproduce your screenshot is resolution scale 25%
Filly_The_Owl, taa has some issues, but it’s not as bad as on first screenshot. Just to compare

What happens if you turn of post processing? (just to test)

To me it looks like some blur/dof etc applied on top.

Screenshot_14.png this is my config of engine scalability.

Well, it’s really weird. It looks good(not best but its not that blurry) on lower resolutions but when I enter fullscreen on FullHD its blurry like on screen on the top

Also its RTS camera. Try your tests on Top-down template for example.
I absolutely don’t have any idea why is FXAA such “edggie” like on my screen

Okay, let’s try another way. Post process volume-> misc -> Screen Percentage ? Meanwhile, I’ll take a look on Top-down template

Edit. UareBuggy, your screenshots - it’s a 100% resolution? Just asking because guy in the top-down template is so small… Btw, I don’t see any issues with or without fullscreen mode. AA is acceptable too

Hmm, I think its bad on my side. I think i have setuped something wrong. Because when I’m trying top-down template, Everything seems nice

I found that if i change Antialiasing in Engine scalability to lowest. It’s same like on epic, like its lowest even if its set on epic.

It’s for your project only, or for template projects too? Try different engine versions maybe…

Haha, finally found solution. I think I’ve broken DefaultEngine.Ini project file with some weird configs. I’ve deleted that file to let UE to regenerate it. Now it’s everyhing ok. FXAA is working awesome now :slight_smile: Thanks to everyone