Anti-aliasing with Outline shader material

I watched many tutorials on outline post process shaders and implemented many of them, but all of them have the same ghosting problem because of TAA and TSR anti-aliasing.

I tried all 4 types of AA with different options, but none of them produced acceptable results.
FXAA - Don’t have a ghosting problem, but looks terrible by itself
MSAA - Also no ghosting, but uses forward shading and looks just slightly better than FXAA
TSR - Worst in terms of ghosting, but best looking
TAA - Most compromise AA in terms of quality and ghosting because of r.TemporalAACurrentFrameWeight which help balance between ghosting and jagged lines. It is better than the other AA types, but it’s not seems like a good solution either

In the tutorials I watched there was a similar problem, but no one seems to care to fix it. Is it not possible? I would think that if there is so much tutorials on how to implement outline shader it is actually used in production and not just in youtube tutorials.