Anti-Aliasing Method the strange behavior of the material

I observed the strange behavior material, please see it in 1920x1080 (between two pillows in the gap), with is moving at static shot.

switched on antialiasing method,

Project setting -> Render -> Default post process setting -> Anti-Aliasing Method -> TemporalAA

how to fix it?

That actually looks like z-fighting from what I could tell. I could be wrong though.

If you move closer to the object and see the flicking only in that section it may be overlapped faces.

Are you able to separate the mesh in the scene or is the a single mesh?

Sofa is a single mesh, yes if i move closer to the object see it movement (blinking) will disappear, but if you shake the camera to another place, the same is done in other places, not necessarily in the same. also how to change the material to another, this effect disappears completely