Anti aliasing/fine line tricks

When viewing my project through the vive there are very distracting distortions on any fine lines/edges on any meshes that are further away from the camera. The best way I can explain it is the anti-aliasing does not seem fine enough and causes glitches in the display. I have it set on its highest setting (3) using the console command sg.antialiasing

I feel like it is probably a limitation of the display itself, on a lower screen percentage setting it is not quite so prominant due to the blur but obviously I want SP to be as high as possible - I am using between 200-300 with no problems in performance. Looks great apart from the edges/fine lines (using a gtx 1080)

Anyone know of any tricks/workarounds to get smoother fine lines on distant objects?.

Thanks in advance


Hello Fnordcorps.
Can you make a screen shot of it when you are in vr play mode? or is it not visible on your monitor?

On the Textures or Models?

Either way, you should use LOD for that. You get more performance and might fix that Problem.

Do these distortions occur when objects overlap with refraction? I had a bad refraction channel on a glass window that was causing distortion issues on foreground objects. You may need to add a “dither” node to your material’s opacity or refraction to resolve that issue.

I get this issue with fine line meshes, with or without refraction volumes. Below image shows window blinds, depending on the viewing angle these type of distortions appear. The material uses no opacity.

Is there any way to avoid this?