Anti Aliasing (AA) for Mobile

We are doing a game for mobile devices. And we met the AA problem now. Our settings is as followings.


When we package it to mobile it looks like the following.

When check on mobile preview on computer it looks like the following

So it seems like on the mobile preview the AA is working. But why it doesn’t work after packaging to mobile?
And the game is very smooth without lagging. The FPS is around 40.

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I wanna know the solution for that to.

Did you figure it out? I’m having the same problem.

I got rid of the jagged visuals by setting the MobileContentScaleFactor for the device. Create a config file called DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini with the values specified at

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thanks Ghar this save my life.
Now my game look Good.
sorry for my english

“MobileContentScaleFactor” can greatly affect optimization and fps. I recommend the command “sg.antialiasingquality” instead. 0 is the lowest and 3 is the highest. You can make necessary postprocess adjustments with similar commands such as “sg.shadowquality”,“sg.texturequality”.