Anti-alias and material flickering at far distances from camera

I have an issue with my ground material flickering at far distances from the camera.

It seems to be Anti Alias related.
If I go to Settings> Engine Scalability Settings > Anti-Aliasing and change the level from High to Medium the flickering is only visible when I move the camera.
If I switch up to High the flickering is always viewable.
Also if I switch the Anti-Alias type from Temporal to MSAA or FXAA in Project Settings the flickering is less but doesn’t go away.
The only way I can stop the flicker is if I turn off Anti-Aliasing altogether.

I am using an ExponentialHeightFog actor with a Directional light.
Can anyone suggest further troubleshooting steps?

In case it benefits someone, the issue was my PostProcessVolume set to Infinite Extents.
The problem is, if I disable Infinite Extents, my PPV stops working even though it encompasses my geometry.

When disabling Infinite Extents, what are the Blend Radius and Weight settings at? I think I have encountered the same problem before, and I don’t know how to solve it. It either got solved by something I did which I didn’t know would solve it, or it’s not solved yet (especially could happen again in new projects). The flickering which occurs at almost parallel viewing angles is apparently a common issue. I don’t think the anti-aliasing method is the primary cause of it, though it is involved somehow.

Thanks for the feedback. Discovered I can also eliminate by disabling RayTraced Translucency in my PPV. The underlying cause remains a mystery.

That’s interesting because I’ve seen it referenced as a problem occuring with RT translucency in these forums. But I’ve encountered it without RT translucency and RT disabled.

Thanks. If you remember or come across any of these posts would you mind posting the links here? Will continue to research.

Yeah, I’ll look for 'em now.