Answer Hub - Questions being ignored

I just wanted to feed back my confusion and disappointment for Answer Hub. I (possibly wrongly) assumed that Answer Hub was the official support channel for customers (please confirm). If this is the case, why as a (fully subscribed) paying customer do my questions get ignored? I would expect at the very least some kind of acknowledgement and at best an actual answer to the question.

When signing up to the subscription, it advertised ‘access to Answer Hub’, well great!, thanks for the access, if only someone would actually reply.

To be honest, this does not deter me from my subscription. Your engine is great but as an indie developer it can get incredibly frustrating when you have a blocking issue and get ignored, your documentation isn’t exactly complete either so it’s not like I can go and help myself. The forums are great and the community are excellent at answering questions but occasionally no one knows the answer and in such case I would expect Epic to stand up and help.

Anyway, I’ve probably woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning and wanted to have a moan…

Don’t know why you’ve assumed that answer hub is official support channel for customers oO
(It’s not)

There is nothing I have found to say that it is or isn’t, but being called ‘AnswerHub’ one would assume that it is. In any case, is there an actual official support channel and if not could I pay for such a service?

As there are so many questions it could take a while till you get an answer -> when it takes to long, “bump” your thread. Otherwise post your question into the forum -> there you normally get a really fast answer.
Unfortunately there is no paid support -> you normally get a really fast and good answer in some few hours/days :slight_smile:

Some hints:
-post during the week
-bugs/crashes -> on answerhub
-dicussion stuff -> forum
-dont post too long descriptions
-use pictures to explain it better

Could you probably post your question into this thread so that we can check it :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll remember your advice next time I need an answer. It has been 6 days since I have posted the question and it may not seem like a long time but I have been unable to continue with the game so for me it is 6 days lost. I actually posted it here in the forums too and had a few replies, one person believes what I was attempting is possible and actually promised me an example so I will hold out for that.

But if you care to take a look, please do.


I can completely understand your frustration, as it could probably be made more clear somewhere how we approach both the forums and the answerhub. The answerhub is designed for receiving answers to particular questions, however it is not necessarily the place solely to get an official response. We primarily focus our attention on these sections of the answerhub, as this is what is necessary for us to be able to continuously improve the engine and end user experience: Bug Reports, Installation and Setup, Packaging and Deployment. When we have time one of us may look at the other sections, however it is significantly less often. Additionally, we do try to inform users that there is no guarantee of a response from an Epic employee on any answerhub post, though we do try to get to as many as we feasibly can. In many cases, especially with questions of “How do I (insert topic here)” or requesting a discussion on specific theories/practices, it is best to ask these on the forums. We encourage community participation in both the forums and answerhub.

Finally, as Fighter said, if a question has gone unanswered for a while, please feel free to bump it once. However, we ask that this does not occur on questions that have gone unanswered for less than 4 days. The reason for this is that it unnecessarily clutters the answerhub and forums and makes it exceedingly difficult to help anyone at all as we have to sift through a sea of “bump bump bump” to get to the relevant question. So bumping is ok, so long as it is done in moderation!

Great, thanks Adam. I have seen that this has now been correctly answered and I am a very happy man once again. Apologies for a grumpy post. :smiley:

answerhub is good for discussion too, as long is based from a question, it was made for handeling Q&A format rether then bug/crash raporting. On stack overflow (which use same system) disscussion is normal thing, for example ever hot topic on UE4 forums know as C++ vs C# can be find there too: . But considering UE4 community is set for discussion of forums i understand what you mean by that, but i would not limit answerhub to bug and crashes… in fact those kind of questions are the once that are answered rarely on answerhub. Besides isn’t public bug tracker in plans for that? :stuck_out_tongue:

One of problem i see on AnwserHub is that people don’t explain much of there problem (Most annoying once that user saying he has a “error” but not saying what error the getting :p), the more problem is described then it’s better and less need of comment quastions, so i would rether encourage to make long descriptions of a problem.

So any question is good for AnwserHub, i think the main factor is the more general question is (for example when it requires to write whole tutorial… which sometimes i actually do if i’m in the mood :p) and less described the less chance it will answered quickly, aspecially from Epic imo as they usually busy.

That point was about the forum -> e.g most of the time I’m active in the forum during school. So I dont have much time to read through giant blocks of text. Therefore a short explanation (text + some pictures) is really helpful for me to answer questions. (just my point of view) :wink:

I assumed it was the official support channel considering its the first official result when you google “ue4 questions” and I have assumed this for the past 3 years. I agree and sympathize with ULLS. A majority of people I have spoken with that use UE4 end up copying and pasting their question from the Answer hub to the forums and then to IRC since there is no straight forward way of asking a UE4 question.
@zeOrb: Perhaps you can make it more obvious to us “idiots” that assumed the UE4 Answer hub was for asking questions and getting answers, since apparently “It’s not”.

You digged deep to ressurect this topic.

How about seeing it like this: It states no where that it is the official support hub/channel/place.

This is why we have this at the top of the page. Epic doesn’t explicitly guarantee support, but we do monitor and frequently respond most in the Bug Reports, Installation, and Packaging sections as we want to report any issues to be fixed and make sure that users can use the tools. What you do beyond that point is left, largely, to you as a developer. We encourage the community at this point to get involved and help each other instead of relying solely on an “official” answer.

If you need dedicated paid support you can look at our custom licensing options available through the page.

this seems official enough…

Hi everyone.

The UE4 Answerhub, Forums, and Wiki are resources for the Unreal community to help each other grow and share solutions. As stated elsewhere, Epic staff may get involved in some topics, but we are not able to provide dedicated support on these sites.

If you have any questions about support, I strongly suggest you view the information at: Visit Unreal Engine Support for Help and Customer Service - Unreal Engine


I also have a question that has been up for 4 days and hasn’t been answered on either the Forum or answer hub. Here’s links to both:…nts-and-server…blueprint.html

Answehub is a bit of a desert.

Most of the time when I end up there (through google or whatever source), the question will be unanswered.
The questions which are answered often have not accepted a solution or are in a very messy state. It’s mostly unusable as a qa resource.

It could be greatly improved by using mechanics sites like stackoveflow: Modding, reputation points towards privileges etc…
There’s very little incentive to answer anything, do karma points unlock anything?

Yeap, I’ve stopped using AnswerHub because people are unwilling to respect/know the rules.

Tim must be super Epic to have 2 badges :open_mouth:

hi the name is ari i need help with to activate door in unreal bp it won’t work i have watch so many videos about it thou no luck maybe anyone in here can thou i also im using a mac so i don’t know if that the problem or what when i hit the E key door should open but nothing happens am i missing something or ? please help!!!

You resurrected an ancient thread with something that’s not even relevant to the topic at hand, in the wrong forum section.