Another way for "waving" foliage than "Simple Grass Wind"

Hi. I made a flower. A flower with leaves and petals. I used vertex painting and added to material “Simple Grass Wind”, thanks to that, my leaves and petals have nice waving effect in proper places.

But stalk is standing motionless, that looks pretty weird. Can i somehow add naturally waving also to stalk ?

Should i use normal animating technic because i already used “vertex paining + SimpleGrassWind” method ? Or can i achieve that by using some faster and better method ?

Thanks in advance and Cheers ! :slight_smile:

I personally would do it with one of the wind nodes (flipbook wind, simple grass wind) -> you can just use a lerp node to add different wind effects to your mesh. :slight_smile:
The only other way that you could use is to animate the flower in a 3d program (not efficient) or create your own wind material effect -> https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?3268-Nature-Environment-in-UE4 (in this thread you can find some wind setups)

I am very sorry for this long pause. I decided to solve some other problems and now i have to go back to this plants.

I tried out this wind material: ?v=HhUK_02vSyE It is working very, very nice but only on my grass :confused:

My sunflower looks like that: ://i.imgur/HedO2fT.jpg

I tried making two wind forces, one only for petals (vertex paining) and one for whole flower but it is looking very weird. I also tried that new wind material from YT but it is bugging my mesh (it is probably caused by my mesh, my sunflowers is created not only from planes but also from cylinder and sphere).

Can i do something else to make my sunflower move a littlebit more realisitic (besides manually animating it in 3d program or matinee) or should i stay with this “Two SimpleGrass Wind shader” method ?

Thanks and cheers, and once again - sorry for this long pause.

You could use the technique which I use for my trees in my free vegetation pack -> there the trunk + leaves sway in the wind and the leaves have a separate wind effect. :slight_smile:

Also . Be careful with parameters. Make sure to always give each a unique name within a material, unless you want them to have the same value.

Yes, thank you. I learned that “hardway” and i will remember about it :slight_smile:

I looked through your materials in this kit and your “Sway” method is perfect !

But i found one problem with it. It looks like foliage tool doesn’t like this “Sway” material. When i place my mesh in normal way it is working perfect, but when i use Foliage Tool it looks like “Sway” isn’t working at all. Could it be that this “Sway” is too complex for Foliage Tool ?

It is probably using something like ObjectPosition, ObjectRadius or a local transform that the foliage system does not have access to.

It is possible to do some of that stuff using different math. If you post the setup I can help. Its most likely one of the variable that passes location and/or scale to the material that is the culprit.

I understand. Here is image of this “Swing”: ://i.imgur/M3whXMJ.jpg

You can also download it from foliage kit made by (once again - Thank you :slight_smile: )

And if you like i can upload it for you some other way.

did u solved the problem for the foliage tool in the end? pls help T^T

please help me