Another VR headset for PC but Wireless

I come across this today, It seems this company is using the PC but have connected to the HMD via WIFI. It uses your phone with a APP called Moonlight that is from Nvidia. The only downfall is, it only uses 1 display (your phone) and not 2. I have seen picks of the Oculus CV1 and it has a antenna on it. Maybe Oculus has done the same thing and also gone wireless. I can only hope.

Pretty sure that the CV1 will not be wireless, the tech is just not there; what you see at the sides are simply the headphones.

Would be happy to be proved wrong though!

From my understanding it’s a cheap next gen version of the DK1 that pretty much depends on third party programs like Tri-Def to function. As one of their developers stated they are currently in the process of bundling the Visus with Tri-Def itself. I know other third party stereo rendering apps in the past have been setup so that it can read any Unreal Development Kit / Unreal 3 Engine that hasn’t had significant changes to it’s rendering so it should not be difficult for them to do the same with Unreal 4.

As the website states it’s for the consumer not the developers, so I wouldn’t worry about it. Someone will create a generic plug and play unreal 4 engine profile if it doesn’t already exist.

When I first saw it, the first thing that came to mind was just another version of gearVR. because it is using your mobile phone. I’m thinking, if someone really wanted to go wireless (meaning not worrying about wires around your feet) you would build your own small computer like a laptop and have it strapped to your back. and if the game is online then use WiFi.

I can only imagine the latency of a wireless system.