Another UE4 vs Unity question


I’d like to start off to say that I have had quite a good look at the current threads and posts through some Google searches, but I still haven’t managed to find a solid answer for the information I am looking for.

I would like to know if Unreal Engine 4 can achieve a game, such as the game ‘Dan the Man’, or a 2.5D game like ‘Megabyte Punch’, with the same or better performance and file size as with the Unity Engine purely in C++.
I am considering switching over to Unity for my games, but I would like to make a 2.5D game that would also perform well on mobiles while having a fairly small file size, and I’m still unsure if Unreal Engine can actually achieve this. Even if it would be a more complicated process, I’m mainly programming for learning purposes, so making such a game would teach me more about C++ etc.
It would take me extra time if I were to use Unity, because then I would have to learn how it works from scratch.

I haven’t been able to get even a very simple, small-content game to be under 88 MB with Unreal Engine. The Engine files themselves take up a lot of space. There are ways to cut out the parts you don’t need but currently the build process still thinks you need a lot of stuff and doesn’t make it easy to turn them off, such as Oculus VR libraries for example. It includes those even if I turn off the plugins and even if I don’t use anything related to it.

Maybe someone on here knows how to change UE4 to some kind of “economy” mode though. I’ve heard a few tips here and there in regards to building for Android, for example.

Comparing with car engines UE4 is kind of like a monster truck or a hot rod. An engine that heavy COULD go into a smart car or a go-kart, but it sounds like you are making a car that can only fit a lawnmower engine in it.

I see. I guess my safest bet now is to just make my game in Unity and hope for the best. Portability will be quite a priority with the games I’ll make. Thanks for the info!