Another Struct Blueprint Bug

Good day. I was doing my project, I saved it and re-open it later. I am following the UMG Tutorial but with a little variation of my own: I put my InventoryStruct variable in my Character BP. Now this is what happened after I finished following the Tutorial.

My project is actually doing okay and all is functioning. But I can no longer call another instance of the struct. I can’t even break that existing struct.

When I’m re-saving my struct, it says “Cannot save because it’s partially open.”

I didn’t even know what I did to make it partially open.

Hi Ranz,

I have only seen this issue once before on this post. I haven’t been able to reproduce this internally. Would you be willing to upload a test project or private message me a link to download it over the Forums?

I’d be happy to.

Do you need all the files? The whole project is already at 2.9GB. and I only have Google Drive as means for sharing it.

If Epic Staff would communicate a bit better with each other they would have linked this post I created 7 days ago:

The answer is simple, its fixed in this commit which is already inside the 4.7 branch. So you can just download the latest 4.7 branch and compile it yourself, then this problem is fixed.

This link directs me to GitHub right? Soory but the link says 404 Not Found.

Yes, you have to link your Epic Account (in your Account settings) to your Github Account to be able to access the UE4 repository.

Good day Sir Ballard, who would be my recipient in the forums? I’m currently trying to send a link of my project.

Since this is already fixed I don’t think he needs your project any longer :wink: He just did not know about the fix. As I said below, just compile the 4.7 branch and be happy :slight_smile:

Funny thing. It still say 404 Not Found even though I’ve linked my account and everything.

Are you logged in at Github and have you clicked on the link in the email?

Yeah! Both my UE and GitHUB account are logged in and open in my browser maybe there’s another step I should do? Anyway, i’ll try this later, I’m already doing an alternate way of dealing my inventory.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Ranz,

Since you aren’t using the source version of the editor, the official 4.7.3 release will be available soon via the Launcher.



Hi Ranz,

Many users are reporting a similar problem that the mentioned commit doesn’t fix. I was able to reproduce the issue and I have created JIRA UE-12550 in our tracking software. Our developers are aware of the issue and they will be investigating it further.

We will post back here with updates as we have them.



I have the same issue on 4.7.3 so its not fixed. at all…

Correct. Guess we’ll have to wait for 4.8.

I believe you guys do.

But mine’s fixed after the patch of 4.7.3. and I’m not yet to re-encounter this issue.

Hey guys,

John is correct, this is on track for the 4.8 update. I just verified it and it is fixed internally.