Another camera actor question

okay let me try this again…

When the capsule component of the TPC goes left, the camera goes left, right, up, down

I don’t understand why the below is not working.

I added the capsule component forward vector (Y) and up vector (Z) to the camera’s forward and up vector to an offset…tried both local and world and when I hit play the camera goes up up and away to the left.

Any ideas why that code is not working? thanks!

Basically your camera is following the character so just create the camera in your character blueprint.

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Hello Paulastya, thanks for replying. Here is the thing, If I’m going to make any decent games, I need to be able to stop the camera during progressions / enemies / minibosses /etc. Hence my desire to do it completely separate from the player yet follow the player. Maybe it is possible to do such with a camera parented to a player, I don’t think this would be possible. Cause once the camera was detached from the player, how would one put it back in the exact same position it was before reparented?

Perhaps posses a new camera when detached or save the relative position on a variable?

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That is an idea, thanks.

Here is what worked. I made a new blueprint (actor) called CameraActor, I opened it and went
to the viewport tab, added a component (camera), left click held and dragged it over the default scene root to make it the new scene root. Compiled and saved then dragged that blueprint into the world, rotated and positioned it watching the cam preview pane to get as close to what I wanted (this case a side scroller), with that camera still selected in the world, I opened the level blueprint and right clicked a blank place in the graph and added a reference to the camera actor, and used the code below.

The add and subtract float nodes are used for like a fine tune positioning of the camera.