Annoying physics constraint 'red circle' visualization in editor, wont go away for custom C++ Actor

I have have a C++ AActor derived base class, which contains a UPhysicsConstraintComponent.
Whenever an instance of the actor is selected in the editor, it displays the PhysicsConstraint visualization thing.

(A kind of red circle affair.)
I have tried hiding the component with SetVisibility(false);
I have tried SetVisibleFlag(false);
I even gave it an empty UPROPERTY() so it wouldnt be visible/editable in the editor.
Nothing seems to have any effect.

If I make a blueprint actor and add a PhysicsConstraintComponent to it, instances of that in the editor DO NOT show this annoying visualization, unless you specifically select the physicsconstraintcomponent

Can anybody tell me how to turn it off please?
It is obscuring the entire actor in the editor viewport.