Announcing: Unreal Datasmith: Beta registration is live

You should have a contact point in your email invite if you are having problems. Just reach out to Stephen and he’ll sort it.

When Datasmith is released, will it include support for Cinema4D? I know us C4D users are usually left out when it comes to new plugins, but there is definitely a large user base there that will buy it when it is released, including me.

I’ve accepted the terms on a page provided through the link in the email but still don’t get verified email afterwards. Pardon my English

I need help, please

We are talking with Maxon and there is mutual interest, but can’t really say more than that. Perhaps in a month or two we’ll know more about this direction.

Your email should provide you with a mechanism of reaching us for registration issues. Stephen is the person you need to work this out with.

+1 for a Cinema 4D Version of Datasmith. I was just reading about it on cgtalk forum, the Cinema 4D Community is lusting for Datasmith integration.

Including me and my team.
I hope Maxon will put the necessary work into this.

I want a email for beta access so badly :frowning: registered a few weeks ago. Looking really forward into the tool

We’ve successfully doubled approval levels, we’re in the thousands now. Still adding more, but we do need to go slow, or bad experience for everyone. Like I said, it is fairly random when you get in.

Thanks for your Feedback kenpimental I’ll be patient and pushing thumbs :wink:

I’m curious about that what do “beta users” think about plugin? Nobody told their experiences. Or is it forbidden to tell because of beta plugin?
I want to see beta user’s comments, analysis and printscreens… Is it possible??

No, it is not possible. Beta users signed an NDA. This is because the product is under development, so it would generally be misleading for someone to post feedback before the release goes out the door. A lot changes during beta.

Here are some random quotes. I can post these because I’m from Epic and these are not attributed to anyone in the beta.

With Datasmith, I got a 7 million triangle building model, practically straight from Revit with layers and better UV unwraps than using steamroller into UE4, baked and functioning in VR in around a day of work. And it looks better than the previous project. I can’t overstate how much of a gamechanger Datasmith is, at least for us, and we’ve barely scratched the surface of using it.

I just exported my latest Archviz project from 3ds Max to Ue4 using Datasmith and it was all so effortless and smooth. Excellent job guys. No need for Max FBX exporter scripts, no lightmaps, this is definitely the future, all usual hassle is gone. I cant thank you guys enough. Keep up the excellent work.

So far very impressed with the conversion from vray to ue4. Have only tested single objects.
We have been using max interactive for the past month or so, purely for the seamless integration with 3dsmax and vray. The visual quality is not as good as UE4 though.

So far, so good. I’m really impressed by the translation of max/vray materials into Unreal shaders. Even better, is how custom ramps in 3ds max also get converted. We’re fairly excited about the possibilities!

My first few impressions.

Great features:
-Time it took to import scene in UE4.
-Imported files sorted nicely in Ue4.
-Vray materials conversion is stunning.
-UVW wrapping is better than with steamroller.

My team is trying to buy fuzor and enscape for VR, but i prefer Unreal anyday.
With Datasmith I am sure the timeline for showcase will be reduced dramatically.
I have been awaiting this news from when it was first announced in the Archviz Unreal webinar, several months ago.

Can you please include me the beta version. This would be a game changer.
Ready to sign the NDA.

@ebes Did you register?

@kenpimentel Yes! Several times actually :frowning:
My fear is that if the team migrates to revit - live - enscape pipeline, then they might just stick with it due the money invested, even if the quality is low.
Can you please send the beta version, I don’t mind the bugs, I am not one to complain. This pipeline will keep our VR quality at its best.


I registered for the Beta long time ago, but no answer yet.
I’m working for an architecture firm, and without a doubt VR would be a big thing for my company. Was thinking to use 3ds max Interactive but Datasmith seems way more powerfull.

Any chance to test the Beta soon ?

Best regards

Its the same for me too.

We have many thousands of registrants, so we can’t just dump everyone into the beta. We continue to add people, I think we’ve invited about 70% of those who’ve applied.

Plz… Still Waiting in Belgium :slight_smile:

It’s hard to tell since you guys didn’t provide your registration details, but I know Jonas is soon to receive an invite