Announcing: Unreal Datasmith: Beta registration is live

I fill out the form 2 weeks ago - No result
Probably this is for SUPER favorite users who then sell the UE viz scenes in marketplace and sites.
If you do not need potential customers, why are you posting this here?
My company gladly participated in beta testing and then buy Datasmith.
But obviously we do not need you.

I feel like this is going to be “autodesk” reasonable

Invitations haven’t gone out yet, probably will be another few weeks

Is datasmith something that could replace fbx? So any DCC app supporting datasmith could also import a scene by reversing the export process? That would be great for indie teams or contractors who might be using different software.

still waiting for e-mail :frowning:

No, it’s something that automates the process. To support an application it requires making a plugin specifically for that program so that it can properly interpret things like your materials and meshes and then export them to UE4.

Hi there,
I have a couple of large Modo assets I’d like to see in Unreal. Some complex characters and a very large set.

Any word on when they’ll start releasing beta versions to people who registered?

We are targeting the first wave of approvals to go out Sept 5th. We’re testing several new systems and we’re proceeding with our cautionary lights blinking. We have had a large response to the beta registration, so we’ve decided to increase how many we accept, target is roughly 50%, but there are limits to how many people and how much feedback we can absorb. If too many people enter the beta, and there isn’t enough Epic bandwidth to process the feedback, then the beta experience suffers for both you all and for us. I apologize in advance for not being able to let 100% in. The plan is already about 10X beta users what any of us have worked with in the past.

We have a small team and are actively trying to find developers to join our Montreal team. If you think you can help us, check out the job postings.

see this is what im talking about easier export into unreal. keep it up!

i hope to receive beta - i need it

Any updates to when Datasmith will be available?

We will be doing some tests today (the 5th), if things go smoothly, we’ll target about 20% of the beta users to see how we scale in the next day or so. There are literally thousands of beta applicants, so we can’t just flip a switch and hope it all works. We want a quality experience for everyone.

Have you begun letting people into the beta yet?

Yes, we’ve invited a few hundred this week. A couple more hundreds will be invited next week (9/11 - 9/15), and we may scale up some more after that.

Thanks for the interest!

Hi everyone, i am an architect. I really don’t understand why i wasn’t picked. i thought architects and archviz field was the main goal. i say this because at the time, i was literally refreshing forum post waiting for beta link, maybe it’s about my location. are you targeting all over the world? Whatever, i hope i’ll be in for next pick. Great effort and communication from archviz staff, datasmith is going to change archviz field FOREVER.

Dear Sir/Mam

I am working on a project for Children Welfare Association in New Delhi, India. I have to give a presentation for a school building to the government to raise funds and to get permissions. So I am making an interactive walkthrough of the school building to show it in the presentation. But I am facing problems in exporting my 3Ds max model to Unreal Engine. When I heard about Unreal Datasmith, I got a hope that I would be able to complete the presentation on time, but I haven’t received the plugin yet. I know there are so many others in the queue, but I request the Unreal Team to consider my case and help me out with the plugin. It’s not for my use, I want to help the Children Welfare Association to get their proposal accepted and complete their target to build a school for the children. The problem is that I don’t have much time that’s why I am in a hurry. Please consider my problem and help me out.

I am posting this in many groups and forums so that my request could reach the Unreal Team.

Thank you for time, looking forward to hear from you.

Avi Aggarwal

We are carefully scaling access to the beta. We are have many, many more than expected. Our goal is a quality beta experience for our team and those joining it, therefore we have to proceed carefully. It is somewhat random who gets in and when, so if you haven’t gotten in yet, it’s because we’re still at roughly 5% of registrants. This week we’ll do a big push to get to 20%, but then we’ll hold there for at least a week to see if we can handle the load. If all systems are green, then we’ll make another big push.

When you registered or how many times (I know who you are…) doesn’t matter. We are looking for a large cross-section of industries, freelancers, companies, etc.

Ah, that might be me, I was really excited and pressed the submit button a few times as I didn’t see it had worked on my phone. Wouldn’t be the first time, I registered for the EUE twice one year. Good to see you around Ken.


I got a golden email, followed the instructions, but the forums tell me I don’t have access.